Fix that pothole permanently!

Have you got a pothole you need fixing permanently without having to get the professionals in? Are you a professional looking for a supplier of pothole repair kits? Whichever we can help!

If so then it’s easy to fix them the DIY Pothole Repair method with the simplest of tools – a brush and spade and a tub of Ultracrete Permanent Pothole Repair.

Even Professional Pothole Repairs can be done using Permanent Pothole Repair’s sister product Ultracrete Instant Road Repair.

Ultracrete Permanent Pothole Repair is a suitable solution for the repair of potholes in roads, driveways and car parks. It can be trafficked instantly in wet, freezing or hot conditions, and at the same time is compatible with the existing road surface.

Ultracrete Permanent Pothole Repair includes fully graded, High PSV interlocking aggregate and specially formulated bitumen, and is supplied in 25kg recyclable containers

Instarmac offer a Plastic Containers Recycling Scheme for UltraCrete customers which helps decrease impact on the environment. Recycling reduces landfill and the recycled non-biodegradable plastic can be re-used by other industries.

  • Use in wet, freezing and hot conditions
  • No special preparation
  • Instant trafficking
  • Only one visit required
  • Recyclable containers
  • Compatible with existing road surface
  • Solvent free

DIY Pothole Repairs…

  • Driveway pothole repair
  • Tarmac drive repair
  • Garden path repair
  • Bitumen path repair
  • Cold lay macadam

Professional Pothole Repairs…

  • Footway pothole repair
  • Cycle track pothole repair
  • Road pothole repair
  • Car park pothole repair
  • Private driveway pothole repairs
  • Leisure park roads
  • Caravan park roads